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About Company

Kartopu Textile Products Marketing Trade and Industrial Co. was established in 1952 in the hand knitting yarn industry for more  than  half a century as one of leading companies in both domestic and overseas markets. Kartopu, as a member of Karbel Group of companies, has been providing hand knitting yarns from Ersur Textile, which is member of Karbel Group of companies and Ak-al  Textile , which is member of Akkok Group of companies. Their products are natural and synthetic raw materials such as acrylic, polyamide, wool, mohair, angora. The fiber, as raw material of the yarn, is processed until it turns into the  yarn with high technologic textile machines in Ersur's factories.

There are 40 kind of products and for each product has about 60 different color options under Kartopu, KartopuWool, Kartopu Special Collection, Kartopu Baby and Loren Groups for the summer and winter season. Kartopu widens product line  with new colors and new products by determining market demands and customer requests.

Kartopu publishes fashionable, hand knitting patterned, knitting experts and  researchers designed and prepared ''men, women and accessories catalogs'' every winter season. The catalogs are available where Kartopu yarn is sold. Kartopu's baby-its magazine publishes-in  cooperation with the Turkuvaz Publishing Group-under the name of the Kartopu Örgüm meets with magazine readers in retail shops in every 3 months.

Kartopu has been exporting 30% of annual sales, mainly, Canada, Amerika, Britain, Russia, as well as Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Egypt, Moldova, Romania, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Greece.

Kartopu is a leading company in textile sector with 5000 sqm showroom and wholesale center under one roof which is one of the largest wholesale stores in Europe.

There are 12 dealers serving for increasing our valuable customers satisfaction and providing better service in Bursa, Izmir, Izmit, Eskisehir, Luleburgaz, Ankara, Samsun, Kutahya, Istanbul-Sultanbeyli, Rize, Greece and Cyprus. Kartopu products sold in all retail shops and offered to our valuable customers.